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Best life science products brands


Some of the life science products brands are better than others. Investing in life science products is usually a costly investment that needs to be done for the long term. Certain brands are much better than others and this is often as a customer hard to figure out. Having a good preparation for different life science products brands is often really beneficial. This article is written to give you an advice on which brands to choose from.

The products of Bionex

Bionex is one of the most widely used brands within life science. Nucleic Acid Isolation and Nucleic Acid Purification can easily be done with the products of Bionex. The BioNex BNX 1536 liquid handling system is an example of a popular product from Bionex. This product is a total game changer in life science testing. Washing microplates and other instruments that had been used in testing have never been this easy

Bioline and life science products

One of the other leading brands within life science products is Bioline. Biolone has a wide range of products in the market with different applications. Cloning, Nucleic Acid Isolation, Nucleotides, PCR-Enzymes & Mixes and Real-Time PCR Kits are part of the products that Bioline offer to their customers. Bioline is known for their easy to use kits and the reproducibility.

CleanNa products

When it comes to kits, CleanNa is the biggest. This well-known company sells easy to use kits to a lot of customers worldwide. CleanNa supplies: FFPE DNA kits, blood & tissue kits, circulating DNA kit, plant DNA kit, Plasmid DNA kits to name a few of them. A lot of organizations are very pleased with the products of CleanNa Bionex, Bioline and CleanNa are the best brands regarding life science. GC biotech is a firm that happens to sell all of them. GC biotech is known for their big range of products they offer and their excellent service. Their wide range of life science product brands should include products that will fit your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact  them for further information.